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The Long Version

How do you even begin to share all of your experiences in 800 words or less? You can't ... which is why I'm writing a book. 😏


Suffice it to say, I've lived a lot of life. I've done some crazy, unique things and I've endured a lot of pain. Looking back on my life I can see how God was in all of it. 

But it was motherhood that brought me closer to him.


I had my first daughter at the ripe age of 30, and while nursing her one night, I realized that the intense love I felt for my daughter, was the same way God felt about me! How had I missed it before?! As I sat there in the moonlight, I allowed my heavenly Father's love to wash over me, and thus began a new journey for me...


This is why I feel so passionate about supporting moms. Motherhood is a critical time of life, but because it's so grueling and often thankless we tend to become cynical or begrudge the journey, which then causes us to miss the spiritual moments God has for us. My goal, then, is to encourage and uplift mamas so they can experience all that God has for them!


That being said, I know that everyone is on a different journey. 


You can't visit the inner jungles of Tana Toraja (as I have!) without realizing how seemingly different yet connected we all are. Every mother has a unique belief system and way of seeing the world that shapes her parenting. Sometimes these views keep us isolated in our own school chambers, but I believe if we can all work toward the "fruits of the spirit" we find in Galatians 5 (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control), we will discover there's a lot more that unites us than separates us.


So wherever you're at today, welcome.


This is a safe space for you, and I'm so glad you're here! I sincerely hope we get to know each other as we journey on this crazy adventure of motherhood, life, and faith.

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