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Advent is Coming!

I used to think Advent was just a time to punch out little cardboard calendars in hopes of finding stale brown chocolate. But later I discovered it’s about SO much more than that...and it will be starting soon!!!!!

The word Advent is derived from the Latin word adventus, which means "arrival" or "appearance". It's not just about the anticipation of Christ's birthday either; it also describes the waiting for his return (merriam-webster).

It would be safe to assume, then, that Advent is important. But how do we get our kids more excited about the arrival of Jesus than unwrapping LEGOs? (And don't think we’re immune to this either. Just the other day I walked into Home Goods like a boss. Help me God!)

The answer I found for this was actually quite simple. It was through combining Scripture with fun.

I took verses from the Bible and fused them with sugar. (Kidding...well, sort of.) There's whipped cream Santa beards, hot cocoa toasts, paper crafts, and more. Plus, each day has Scripture and reflection questions that will get your kids talking about Jesus and how they can all try to live like him.

Advent is literally the only thing my kids talk about year after year. Not the presents or the cookies. Just Advent. I mean, look at how excited my youngest is here - ha! (To her defense, this was the year I used shaving cream instead of whipped cream for the Santa beards. Not the tastiest option.)

You get the point. Gifts and cookies and parties are great, but I don’t want that to ever overshadow the most precious gift of all. And I want my kids to get that too.

So I hope you download this Advent guide and pick out a few activities to do…...or do all of them! (What else is on your calendar anyway, right?! #2020living) Let’s all end this epic year by celebrating the arrival of Jesus with expectant, FUN, and joy-filled hearts that point our kids toward the REAL reason for the season.

(article first published at Substance Moms)


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