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What You Need to Know

Education burns in my blood. It is therefore extremely important to me that every family thrives, and the best way I know how to do that is by creating tailor-made learning opportunities for each family. I also like to have fun and believe that laughter is one of the best antidotes to life's "lemons". (Check out my Quiet Hat parenting method to see what I mean. 👒)

Jonna's Empowered Childbirth class makes you feel confident, comforted, and excited about labor! She is both knowledgable, personable, and able to have fun while also providing unbiased information.


We highly recommend taking ANY class she has to offer, but we LOVED her Marriage Communication package. She is truly a wonderful educator and person, we are very fortunate to have met her!

Angie and Drew

Jonna is a great listener who is also very intuitive. She was able to listen to the struggles I was having with my son and provide research-based strategies to help me! Every parent needs to have Jonna in their corner; she is a true advocate for us all.



Parent and Child at the Supermarket

Proactive Parenting


Knowing yourself as a parent is the first step to unlocking the key to your parenting strengths. Knowing our child is the next. I therefore use a variety of methods (cognitive behavior, concrete approaches ["mean what you say"], MBTI) to help you understand yourself and your child/ren better. I specialize in newborn to elementary-aged children.


The Proactive Parenting package includes:

  • Meeting 1: Consult / Assessment (in-person or virtual)

  • Meeting 2: Results + Strategy + Materials (virtual)

  • Meeting 3: Follow-up (virtual)

** Additional meetings can be added at anytime. **

We Do

Marital Connection


Marriage is tough work, especially when kids enter the picture! That's why we ALL need resources to help us communicate more effectively throughout our conflicts. I use a variety of modalities (MBTI, 5 Love Languages, Alpha Marriage Course) to help couples better understand one another and find a common ground.

The Marital Connection package includes:

  • Meeting 1: Consult / Assessment (in-person or virtual)

  • Meeting 2: MBTI + 5 Love Languages + Homework (virtual)

  • Meeting 3: Follow-up (virtual)

** Additional meetings can be added at any time. **


Informed Childbirth 

(virtual and in-person)


The Informed Childbirth course is 3 sessions long (1.5 hrs / session) and will educate you on:

  • Nutrition / Relaxation / Baby Positioning

  • Stages of Labor / Comfort Measures

  • Labor Rehearsal / Postpartum Care / Breastfeeding



* Doula clients receive $50 off! 

** HSA and Insurance reimbursement codes provided.

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Locally serving the Twin Cities metro area.

Serving the whole WORLD virtually. 🙂


Thank you for reaching out! I am excited to work with you and will get back to shortly.

Blessings, Jonna

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